Earth as Our Teacher: How the Natural World Can Free us from Our Barriers

Susie Harrington

  • The simple first steps to having a fuller experience in nature
  • How being in touch with your natural surroundings can liberate you from negative perceptions
  • How the natural world teaches us to accept others and appreciate their evolving nature
  • How to make yourself present and available for the healing elements nature has to offer​
  • Recognizing that we are not just “on” the Earth, we are an embedded “part” of the Earth

Susie Harrington is the guiding teacher for Desert Dharma, teaching both in the Southwest and internationally since 2005. She delights in teaching outdoors, knowing that nature nourishes the heart and inspires wisdom.

Susie’s roots are in the Insight tradition, and she has trained extensively with Jack Kornfield, Guy Armstrong, and Joseph Goldstein. She is also well practiced in the Tibetan and Diamond Heart traditions and is trained in Hakomi Therapy. Her website is

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