Wonder and Connection: The Songs of Nature

Sam Lee

  • Moving people to feel more expressive by participating in nature-based art
  • How the sounds of nature wake up our senses and open our perception
  • Silence as an important part of music and healing practices
  • Music’s role in storytelling and folklore of indigenous peoples and their reverence to nature
  • Incorporating wilderness work and contemplative practice to reawaken spiritual energy

Sam Lee is a singer, folk song interpreter, conservationist, song collector and creator of live events. Lee founded The Nest Collective, which has shaken up the music scene, breaking boundaries between folk and contemporary music and inviting a new listenership while asking “what the messages in these old songs hold for us today”.

His latest critically acclaimed album, Old Wow, takes his work to yet another level. In 2021, Sam released his debut novel The Nightingale, notes on a songbird telling the epic tale of this highly endangered bird and its place in folklore, music and literature, throughout the millennia. His website is samleesong.co.uk.

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