Becoming Eco-Inclusive: Creating Conditions for Belonging

Parker McMullen Bushman

  • Building community development around diversity in outdoor activities
  • Encouraging groups to speak out and be proactive about their need to be included in eco-diversity and Earth practices
  • Letting each culture maintain its integrity and uniqueness in their contribution to ecology change and awareness
  • Creating and supporting outdoor programs in communities that serve the needs of different groups
  • Considering diversity as a skill set when populating staff and hierarchy of ecological organizations

Parker McMullen Bushman is a dynamic speaker, change agent, and inclusive leader. She is the Colorado State University Director of Extension for the City and County of Denver, the founder of Ecoinclusive (a DEI Consulting Firm), the creator of KWEEN werk, and co-founder of Inclusive Journeys.

Her background in education, conservation, outdoor recreation, and interpretive fields spans over 24 years. She has a Master of Natural Resources from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, with a focus in Environmental Education and Interpretation.

Parker is passionate about equity and inclusion in conservation and channels her energy to empower diverse groups to take active roles in the sustainable development of their communities while protecting their environmental resources. Her website is

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