Getting Out of Your Head: How Nature Expands Your Vision

Lori Schwanbeck

  • How nature awakens our awareness and helps develop emotional intelligence
  • Ways that mindfulness in nature can release negative thought patterns
  • How exploring nature stimulates the natural learning process
  • Putting yourself in the presence of natural beauty to increase perspective and joy
  • Inviting other people to share in nature as a way to amplify the emotion it evokes

Lori Schwanbeck weaves her passion for nature into her work as a mindfulness teacher, psychotherapist and curriculum designer and facilitator. She is a senior teacher and program developer with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute teaching mindfulness-based emotional intelligence programs internationally.

As a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, one of her joys is creating retreats where aliveness and wisdom is accessed through an intimacy with the living world. Lori’s current project is called “Re-wilding our Feminine Nature” where she integrates embodied, relational and presence based practices to rekindle vitality, joy and awe through immersion in nature. Her website is

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