The Open Earth: A Way into Stillness and Awareness

Kriste Peoples

  • Spending time in nature as a way to help our bodies self-regulate
  • How natural surroundings can reduce stress and produce stillness in our minds in a natural way, with no effort on our part
  • The importance of resurrecting our bond with nature and how it can move us past trauma
  • The comfort of recognizing that life is constantly evolving in nature as a way to understand that life is constantly evolving in us
  • Taking time to appreciate how nature does not judge and simply allows us to flourish in its presence

Kriste Peoples is a Denver-based community leader, outdoor guide, meditation teacher, writer, women’s trail running coach, and speaker whose work in the field of equity and inclusion in nature combines speaking and facilitating transformational experiences for others. As founder of Black Women’s Alliance of Denver, a social network centered around the health and healing of Black women in body and mind, she extends her passion for connecting under-represented communities to new, empowering narratives of wellness.

Kriste plays an active role in cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with local organizations and giving voice to an experience of women and people of color in the outdoors. She is passionate about the intersection of workouts and wonder in nature. Her website is

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