Awake in the Wild – Contemplative Nature

John Milton

  • Why spending time alone in nature is a powerful way to connect to your deepest sense of self
  • Opening an authentic connection with the natural world as a way to eliminate spiritual and emotional blockages
  • Nature practices for a clearer state of being
  • Honoring the trees, plants, animals and elements of nature in order to deepen our relationship with the Earth​
  • How connecting to source helps us individually and helps us collectively as a species

John P. Milton is a meditation and Qigong instructor, author, and early pioneer of the environmental movement. He is the founder of Sacred Passage and the Way of Nature, and has guided thousands of people into the wilderness, sharing with them experiences and practices that cultivate a profound connection with Nature.

Milton has authored numerous books and articles and has produced media on ecology, environmental conservation, meditation, cultivating life energy, inner development, discovering and protecting sacred places, preserving wilderness, and the shamanic way.

His many books include Future Environments of North America: Transformation of a Continent; The Careless Technology: Ecology and International Development; and Friends of the Earth: Ecological Principles for Economic Development. His website is

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