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Krishna Das in Concert

Saturday, March 16 at 8 pm

From the first heart-opening sounds of the concert, as the harmonium blends with the unmistakable voice of Krishna Das, something stirs deep within. One knows immediately - this will be a soulful evening. Layering traditional Hindu kirtan with instantly accessible melodies and modern instrumentation, Krishna Das has been called yoga's "rock star."

With a remarkable voice that touches the deepest chord in even the most casual listener, Krishna Das - known to friends, family, and fans as simply KD - has taken call-and-response chanting out of yoga centers and into concert halls. Audience and musicians unite to create a joyous energy of love and devotion. A worldwide icon and the best-selling chant artist of all time, KD has sold over 300,000 records. His "Live Ananda" album has been nominated for a 2012 Grammy for Best New Age Album. 


A Workshop with Krishna Das

Sunday, March 17 from 3-6 pm

Join Krishna Das up close in a workshop setting. The renowned musician offers his unique down to earth understanding of the many challenges we all face on the spiritual path. Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual practice or a lifelong practitioner, Krishna Das offers valuable insights into walking through life with an open heart.

The workshop revolves around questions and interaction from participants. Krishna Das will respond with some of his music, personal reflections about living a life on the path, stories about his Guru, Maharaj-ji, readings from spiritual traditions, and observations on how our practice can help us to develop awareness, removing the obstacles that keep us from connecting to our innate sense of well-being.

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June 20 - 23

A Festival for Heart + Mind

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BuddhaFest 2012 Was Amazing!

A big thank you to everyone who attended BuddhaFest on June 14-17, 2012 in the Washington, DC area. The festival filled over 4,000 seats, and we're very grateful for the positive and heartwarming feedback we've received. It is truly humbling that so many of you found BuddhaFest to be useful, moving and inspiring. We're still buzzing with the goodwill and heart connections from the festival.

Last year's teachers and speakers included Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Congressman Tim Ryan, Tara Brach, Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Rick Hanson, Ram Dass via Skype, Venerable Pannavati Bhikkhuni, Jonathan Foust, along with Jayne Sutton, Christian Gregory and Jerry Webster of the Washington, DC Shambhala Center, and Dekila Chungyalpa and Lou Leonard of the World Wildlife Fund.

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BuddhaFest is a 4-day festival inspired by the Buddhist practices of mindfulness, compassion and meditation. Watch for announcements coming soon about this year's festival, being held just outside Washington, DC in Rosslyn, VA.

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World Wildlife Fund

Climate Change Program

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