Hello and welcome to BuddhaFest.  

Thank you for visiting us. We wanted to share a little with you about why we decided to start the festival. We really love the role that movies play in helping us make sense of what it means to be alive -- to experience our shared joys and struggles. Cinematic storytelling weaves a common thread.  Often, what is familiar in our own hearts can be seen through the camera in the faces of people, the sweep of a landscape, or the simple objects that fill a room in someone’s home.

Movies encourage us to bond with a greater reality. Witnessing shared and meaningful experiences in the lives of others allows us to move towards a deeper understanding of our own lives, and the unity of all things.  We believe that movies have as great a role to play in spreading the dharma as the storytellers of the past, who also sat in the darkness, perhaps by a fire, engaging listeners with tales of a life within.

We created BuddhaFest to serve the dharma. We wanted to share stories that would encourage people to explore meditation, live mindfully and seek greater levels of awareness and compassion. We also felt it was important for people to connect to their own stories and to each other as part of a greater tale -- one that is woven together as we approach our awakening from our various circles of belonging.  So we added leading teachers who could serve as guides before and after the films. It’s a way for people to be with each other and more deeply enter into the themes expressed in the movies.  

With your support, and with the help of our many dedicated volunteers, we hope to present BuddhaFest for many years to come.  Please join us for compelling films, new and returning teachers, and opportunities to create sangha and share in community.



Eric Forbis and Gabriel Riera

BuddhaFest Co-Directors