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Featuring Over 25 Speakers Including:

Congressman Tim Ryan, Dan Goleman, Tara Brach, Sharon Salzberg,
Janice Marturano, Tom Gardner and Dan Harris

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Opening Night with Dan Harris of ABC News
and Ani Losang Tendrol

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Some Program Highlights
From This Year's BuddhaFest

Tara Brach

Removing the Armor:
Letting Love Flow Freely
Saturday, June 21, 7pm - 9pm

Through much of human history, the Summer Solstice has invoked a sense of both our love for life, and the fleeting, ever-changing nature of existence. In this special Summer Solstice Evening program, Tara explores how our hearts awaken to unconditional loving as we release our armoring against change and loss.

In the spirit of the Solstice, it's an evening of mostly feminine energy on stage. Tara is joined by Angela Blueskies and Margo McLoughlin. Angela and her musicians lead us in chants and songs, connecting us with our hearts and the energy of the earth. 

Margo is a magical storyteller and dharma teacher. a graduate of the Harvard Divinity School who has trained at Spirit Rock. Accompanied by her percussionist, Margo  transports us to other places as she skillfully creates the feeling of being around the fire listening to stories that are colorful, fantastical, and layered deeply with meaning.


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Roshi Joan Halifax

Shedding Light
on Courage in Buddhism
Saturday, June 21, 10am - 11:30am

The great and wise teachings of Buddhism help us realize that this whole life is practice, everything within its embrace. Being completely and vividly present for the rich details of our lives is the means that we use to transform our anguish, discover truth and help others. This practice, then, is not a place to be consoled, but rather a challenge of discovery and confrontation through direct experience.

Sharon Salzberg, Barbara Bonner and (via Skype) Ram Dass

The Power of Generosity
Sunday, June 22, 7pm - 9pm

The Buddha said that a true spiritual life is not possible without a generous heart. 

These teachers will broaden our understanding of generosity far beyond contemporary culture’s definition of giving money and material wealth, to considering what it means to live a truly generous life. This animated evening will focus on how generosity can manifest in our day to day lives in often unexpected ways, opening us to new pathways of greater meaning.

Speakers and Films Tell
Extraordinary Personal Stories 

This Year at BuddhaFest 

Allan Lokos was on a plane departing from a Burma airport on Christmas Day 2012 when it crashed and burst into flames. Two people died. Alan suffered severe injuries, and doctors in four countries all said he would not survive. Yet, he not only survived, but has thrived, and he'll share the story of how various Buddhist practices that have been a part of his life for many years helped him to do that.

Fleet Maull was a Buddhist practitioner studying with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He was also an addict and a cocaine smuggler. He lived these two lives side by side until he was caught, and sentenced to a mandatory 14 years in prison. His book, Dharma in Hell, describes his journey of transformation and service amidst the anger, violence, darkness and despair of a maximum security federal prison. 

While incarcerated, he co-founded the nation's first prison hospice program, and he started the Prison Dharma Network, which now brings meditation and other programs to correctional facilities throughout the country. Today, Fleet is a nationally-recognized Buddhist teacher and leader in the socially engaged Buddhism movement. He will discuss his vision for social transformation that's grounded in the realization of the innate goodness of humanity, society, and life altogether.

Dan Harris was reading the news live on ABC when he had a panic attack. He had returned from covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and fallen into a depression, then self-medicated with drugs that included cocaine and ecstasy. His panic attack spurred a self-help and spiritual odyssey that eventually led him to Buddhist principles, mindfulness and meditation. He will share how these changed his life.

Filmmaker Leslie Neale will be with us to present her film, Unlikely Friends. In it, she tells the incredible stories of victims of brutal crimes who not only forgave the perpetrators, they became friends with them. These relationships, so unfathomable for most of us, open our thinking to new possibilities of how to transform a correctional system ensconced in punishment and retribution into one of restorative justice that is based in humanity. And they help us to see how forgiveness can transform our own lives.

These are a few of the powerful and very personal stories that will be shared at this year's festival.

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