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The lion’s roar was the Buddha’s own metaphor for the fearless proclamation of the truth of the dharma. It reflects our aspiration to be a fearless and powerful voice for Buddhism in our society.

Lion’s Roar Foundation brings you timeless Buddhist teachings, up-to-the-moment news, advice, commentary, and more. We deliver this content through these platforms: Lion’s Roar magazine in print and digital editions (formerly the Shambhala Sun); Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly; and this site,—our home in the digital world. We also host an annual community retreat and other events, and work with partner organizations to sponsor additional live and online events and teachings throughout the year in support of our mission to make dharma accessible.

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Looking Back on BuddhaFest 2015

Matthieu Ricard Speaks about Altruism

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About 1,000 People Joined Us
At the Festival

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